Export Opportunities in Africa

Swift Heat is taking the opportunity to supply its extensive range of heating elements, temperature measurement probes and temperature controllers into Africa.

The move to greater exports into Africa was made possible by the employment in March 2013 of Mutonji Mayanda who re-joined the company as Export Sales Manager and the company sees Africa as a great growth driver for many years into the future. The countries initially targeted are the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C), Kenya, Ghana and Zambia. Each of these countries has strong local growth and offers great potential for the company’s products.

The industries targeted initially have been the Plastics & Packaging and Mining Sectors. Plans are in process to continue expanding the geographical footprint to include all the major Sub-Saharan countries and include all sectors of the economy requiring our products.

The company’s value offering to these markets is to supply high-quality goods at competitive prices with a focus on quick lead times and deliveries and an important feature of the company’s offering is that we are regularly travelling to meet the customers to offer value-added solutions and advice to their production teams.

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